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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency as your Business Partner

Many businesses have opted to work with recruitment agencies when hiring employees instead of direct hires. The reason? The changing job market post-pandemic and low unemployment across the nation. Companies who use a Recruitment Agency as their business partner benefit from better recruitment drive outcomes.

The recent changes to the employment landscape following COVID-19 have made it so incredibly tough to find talent at present. As a result, many companies have to go to an agency as they specialise in finding unique talent.

Quite often businesses have vacancies in the company that can happen unexpectedly and you need to fill them almost immediately. You may also require a temporary person to fill in for sick leave or a maternity leave position. Companies should be prepared for such emergencies, and the most significant way to be ready is by working with a recruitment agency as your business partner.

Whether recruiting for Senior Managerial roles across the C-Suite or an experienced commercial property manager, business analyst or digital marketing consultant, Majer connects sought after talent with a variety of permanent positions.

Our recruitment specialists know your business when we partner with you. So for any roles – whether temporary staffing needs, part-time or contractor roles, or permanent highly skilled placements – we understand your culture and know what type of experience and person will be required to fit your brief.

Here are the top 5 benefits of working with a recruitment agency as a business partner to fill a post.

Strong Network of Potential Candidates

As a business or company, if you decide to fill the vacancy on your own, you will realise your network is limited. So you end up hiring people who are not as qualified, and sooner or later, you know they are not fit for the role. However, with a recruitment agency as your partner in the hiring process, you get the most qualified personnel. This is because the agency has a rigorous recruitment process, and all personal backgrounds are assessed. The agency will then provide suitable candidates that best fit your culture, qualification requirements and the role. You then have an expanded candidate pool from which to make your decision.

Reduced Time and Costs

If you have recently performed a recruitment drive for your company before, you understand how costly and time-draining it can be. Drafting the job description, advertising the post, receiving applications, filtering applications, and interviewing costs a lot of money and time. Most times, you cannot get the best fit for the role and end up going through the process again. A recruitment agency makes it simpler for you as you only pay a recruitment fee and they will deliver the most qualified applicants within a short time.

Proper Guidance

Working with a recruitment agency as a business partner has the added advantage of being a human resource adviser to your company. Due to their vast knowledge and experience, they can coach you and your HR team on improvements and best practices for your business.

Ease the Burden of Salary Discussions

When companies need to hire, potential candidates come with very high expectations. Sometimes you cannot afford the salary but are desperate to fill a role. Unfortunately, some companies will go out of their way to fulfil the salary expectations, impacting the bottom line. A recruitment agency will help you bargain for affordable salaries favourable to the company and the candidate. The candidate, therefore, is aware of the pay to expect.

Diverse Knowledge

When hiring for some senior managerial roles across the c-suite or needing a business analyst, it isn’t always straightforward to recruit for these roles. These executives and managerial positions should be vetted by a well-educated person who has vast experience in the recruitment process. The recruitment agency will make hiring such executives easier as they understand your company and what you need to grow as a business.

Majer Recruitment’s Unmatched Service

A recruitment partner or agency offers you a more focused and tailored talent search with guidance and support. Find a trusted specialist recruitment agency who you gel with. The benefits of this partnership are far-reaching and serve to support a successful and scalable business.

Majer have a strong reputation for providing outstanding results for both our candidates and clients. We have a happy, flexible and positive culture, and love developing rock-solid relationships along the way!

The results of working with an agency are evident. Our team have partnered with various businesses across a range of industries for over 20 years. Our expertise will save you time and money, no matter what your recruitment needs may look like. Contact us today to discuss your recruitment and job search process requirements. We will be delighted to provide you with the advice and guidance needed.

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