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5 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Relationship With a Recruitment Agency

Job search is one of the stages that many professionals undergo after layoffs, while seeking a new challenge, or immediately after University. While the results are gratifying and rewarding, the process comprises costly experiments, sometimes failure, rejection, and a bit of sacrifice. That said, job seekers can work with recruitment agencies to leverage their networks, expertise, and tools to land a job. Like all business relationships, both parties seek rewards from the engagement. So, how can you get the best from a recruitment agency?

Provide Sufficient Information

Companies looking to hire reach out to agencies in the hope of finding the best match for their corporate culture and position description – someone with the skills and attitude to succeed. The role of the recruitment agency is to screen out unsuitable candidates and locate the best fit for their client.

Your role in this relationship is to provide your resume, and any additional supporting information that lets the recruitment consultant get to know the real You. It’s advisable to include testimonials, awards, and contributions to the community. Ensure you provide additional details like the ideal company you’d like to join, and where you would like to take your career. The extra information helps the agency to match you with more suitable leads or jobs.

Utilise Agency Support

Recruitment agencies comprise human resource experts who understand what it takes for an applicant to succeed. They, therefore, offer personalised advice to candidates, such as valuable tips for interview preparation.

As a candidate, it’s best if you maintain a close relationship with your agency by calling your recruiter or keeping in touch through email. You can also contact the recruitment agency after an interview session to update them on your progress. Ultimately, agencies have invested in systems that help them gather essential insights on any job position, candidate assessment techniques and industry requirement. You can therefore bank on their advice and support in your search for a job.

Widen Your Search

Signing up with a recruitment agency is one of the many ways of landing a job. You can boost your chances by nurturing your close network of friends, previous colleagues and employers. It’s also essential to keep your eyes open for other openings you may come across by actively sending out applications. A recruitment agency can also provide opportunities for work experience through contract roles, temp positions and part-time roles. If you are set on that permanent full-time role, perhaps a stepping stone can help you get on the right track, keep your skills current, increase your network and help you to remain positive.

Act on Time

Most opportunities have a short deadline before they are closed. The speed of your actions can set you apart from the competition. That said, it’s crucial to act fast on an email, website or LinkedIn post, or any other notice you receive from your agency.

Upon receiving such alerts, ensure you work with your recruiter to structure a winning application, interview, and professional follow-up. Ensure to return agency calls or emails in good time to avoid losing out on decisive feedback or a time-bound opportunity.

Select the Right Agency

Working with the right agency minimises the time, cost, and mistakes during your job search. Assess the agency’s qualities such as experience in the industry, qualification of its team, and track record. An agency with relevant experience in the industry has more networks and can offer better-suited openings for your career.

Let Us Help You Land A Job

A job search can be a tedious process if tackled using the wrong approach, which is why successful applicants use a combination of strategies, consistency, and hard work. It’s advisable to work with a recruitment agency that can offer a tailored approach to job search coupled with expert advice.

That said, Majer has the perfect mix of talented recruiters, fantastic clients and industry reputation. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and qualified staff who will guide you on the right path to your dream job. Contact us today to learn more.

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