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Top 5 things you can do to help your Employees exceed expectations

Employees are your organisation’s greatest asset. They are the ones who carry the legacy of your company through their daily work, commitment and performance. As an employer, it is natural for you to want your employees to exceed your expectations. But have you considered what you can do to help your employees achieve their full potential?

There are specific concrete steps that any employer can take and implement to ensure the continued success of their employees. Here are the top 5 things that you can do to ensure your employees succeed in their roles, thereby achieving new levels of organisational success.

Set your Employees up for Success

1. Provide SMART Goals

It is imperative that your employees not only have specific job descriptions but are also assigned SMART goals. SMART refers to-

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Creating a dialogue around SMART goals will provide your employees with a very clear idea of what is expected of them in their daily roles. Additionally, it also provides a clear guideline for what constitutes a job well done. Where you see your employees going above and beyond – exceeding these expectations – reward them!

2. Proactive Employee Engagement

According to a Gallup study, actively engaged employees are the key to an organisation’s growth. Employers must invest in proper employee engagement efforts. Some practical measures can be-

  • Implementing a company-wide, well-thought-out learning and development plan. This will help employees to improve themselves in their role and learn about topics they are interested in.
  • Ensuring that people have ownership of their jobs and can make decisions independently. Employees often become disengaged when they are not given autonomy.

3. Focus on Values and Ethics

The value system of your organisation is paramount to having a healthy workplace environment and culture. ‘Practice what you preach’ should be the mantra when it comes to ethics.  Directors, Managers and Supervisors need to have systems that hold the company’s ethics code in the highest regard and implement them without fail.

4. Foster Teamwork

When people work together as a team, innovation happens at a fast pace. As an employer, you must promote a culture of teamwork and collaboration to bring forth better solutions and quality improvements in work.  Research in Behavioural Science shows that teamwork helps in bolstering the positive feelings of employees, thus resulting in better creativity and productivity at work.

5. Rewards, Recognition, and Feedback

Finally, as an employer, it is a great idea to show your gratitude by offering perks for jobs well done. When employees receive commensurate rewards and recognitions for their efforts, their belief in the system is reinforced, and they will strive to achieve better results continuously.

On the other hand, if someone is not performing as required, proper feedback must be given to enable them to lift their game. Often, feedback works wonders in setting an employee on the path to success.

As an employer, everyone benefits when you set your employees up for success. Don’t risk losing your competitive advantage to other players in the market. By following the above five steps, you can ensure that your employees exceed expectations in their roles.

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