What you should keep in mind while hiring in 2023 image

What you should keep in mind while hiring in 2023

Each year the job market continues to increase in competitiveness, and 2023 will likely be no different. As the process for recruitment has continued to revolutionise, any candidate can easily jump on their computer to apply, interview, and train for as many positions as they would like. It is important for companies to understand what is occurring in the job market in order to leverage current recruitment trends to their benefit. Majer Recruitment has made it easy for you by delivering four helpful tips your company should consider when hiring in 2023. 

Be attractive to candidates

It is not only the candidates who are being interviewed for a role. Candidates tend to also enter interviews asking themselves “Do I like this company?” and “What will this company do for me?”. It is important for companies to position themselves favourably towards possible employees. This can be achieved through hiring transparency, research preparation, respect for the candidate’s time, and consistent communication. Ensure that your company is offering an enjoyable hiring experience and putting a strong face to the company as now, more than ever, the recruitment process can impact a company’s reputation and ability to attract desirable talent in the long term. 

Emphasise quality

The unknown is a very real factor for businesses. As the economy continues to fluctuate, it is important that companies get used to being uncomfortable and set their workforce up comfortably to tackle a level of instability. This means hiring quality over quantity. Employing candidates with a crossover of skills allows for flexibility and movement in the workplace. Rather than pigeonholing candidates into certain positions, look for quality and generalists who you can mobilise around the company when needed. 

Diversity, equality, and inclusion 

Executing diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace not only reflects positive company values but also influences stronger relationships among employees. Ensuring that your workplace recruits a diverse range of candidate groups delivers innovative and fresh perspectives to the company which will benefit your organisational goals in the long term as well as ensuring you’re working towards a more equitable future for all. To ignite a welcoming feel to the company, open up the talent pool and ensure that each candidate is represented equally. 

Adopt a people first attitude 

Creating a safe and inviting environment for your company can set you apart from your competitors. Workplace stress is highly active among job seekers. It is recommended that companies showcase a “we are lucky to have you onboard attitude” in order for candidates to feel valued in their roles. This ultimately increases performance productivity and creates stronger employee relationships, making the recruiting process smooth, easy, and flexible positions your company favourably to candidates. 

Majer can help your company connect the best talent in a timely manner. We ensure both employer and employee walk away with the highest level of satisfaction. We’d love to hear from you – contact us to learn more.

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