Why our clients use a recruitment agency to find talent image

Why our clients use a recruitment agency to find talent

Recruitment agencies do the leg work when it comes to sourcing the best talent for your organisation. Whether you’re looking for short-term staff, looking to fill specialised roles, or in need of an improved talent pipeline, our job is to simplify the process so you can make more informed hiring decisions.

We asked our clients why they choose to use recruitment agencies to hire them staff – see what they said.

Kirrily Murphy,  General Manager at Cottee Parker Architects says:

I value partnering with a recruitment agency for certain roles for three reasons:

They know our business, people, and culture. Recruiters have cultivated a relationship with me and the team and can speak authentically to candidates about why they should consider our business for work opportunities.

The speed. For temp roles and even some permanent roles, it is essential that we get a candidate into the role as soon as possible. A trusted recruitment agency will not only be responsive to an initial brief (that’s how they get paid after all!), they will also pivot quickly if the business needs or role changes.

Recruiters offer expertise for specialised or executive roles and will use unique sourcing methods that may not be available to an in-house recruiter.

For all of these reasons, I am an advocate of using recruitment agencies, especially where I am not supported by a talent acquisition team.

our clients Cottee Parker Architects

There are three main types of job placements we can provide:

Temporary or Contract: for short-term work solutions to cover busy periods, maternity leaves, transitionary periods, and even receptionist sick days (in a pinch).

We have a database of amazing temporary/contract candidates who understand the value of these types of roles and can step-up to the challenge.

Temporary-to-Permanent: This type of placement is ideal to determine which position is the best for the candidate in your organisation, especially for periods of hyper-growth. You’ll have the opportunity to vet candidates for an extended trial period before deciding if you need the extra staff for the long term.

Permanent Placement: Hiring for specialised roles can be a challenge. This is where we come in with our market expertise. We advertise the positions, sift through the applicants, run strict background checks, and conduct interviews to find a shortlist of candidates ideal for your the role and your organisation’s work culture.

Sarah Coffey has seen majer work from both sides — as a candidate to now employing our services to source quality candidates. Here is why she chooses to use a recruitment agency:

The time you save on digging through hundreds of candidates can be spent on minimising downtime and maximising on-boarding. Majer goes above and beyond to ensure a suitable candidate is found, that not only meets the requirements of the role, but also the team.

There are no one-size-fits-all methods for hiring — this process takes time, resources, and industry knowledge to try different strategies. This is where we have a head start for helping streamline your organisation’s growth.

We know exactly what to look for, the questions to ask, and can sense the red flags earlier on, saving your organisation, time, energy, and money to focus on the business.

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