QIC Facility Services’ Andrew Snowley – Transferring valuable advice image

QIC Facility Services’ Andrew Snowley – Transferring valuable advice

Australia is slowly emerging from the business-related restrictions of COVID-19, and we are keen to see the evolution of the Australian economy over the coming months. The impact on the labour market, both on people and businesses, varies across state, region, industry, occupation, age and gender. Many people have found themselves facing an uncertain future about the availability of employment and opportunities for career growth.

Our good friend, the vivacious Andrew Snowley from QIC, sat down with us to share his experience – and how he emerged from an uncertain time following the Global Financial Crisis.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

I’m an ex-pat Pom who arrived in Australia in May 2010. My previous experience had almost exclusively been in Film and TV Post-Production Facilities Management (33 years in total!) in London, which was very badly impacted by the GFC resulting in work becoming harder and harder to find, eventually drying up entirely as the market contracted. I knew I had a transferrable skillset and experience, but that wasn’t recognised in the UK. My age was also apparently an impediment to employers – I hadn’t even hit fifty!! After a long spell of unemployment, a change was needed!

When I arrived in Brisbane, I realised two things fairly quickly:

  • Transferrable skills are hugely valuable, and
  • Age is not an impediment, so long as you remain young at heart.

I also learned that employment agencies in Australia have no prejudices, preconceptions or boundaries in respect of candidates. So I did something unthinkable for a man of a certain age in the UK……………I registered.
Lo and behold, the response to my resumé was positive. I did my apprenticeship of short notice, short term gigs – building up my reputation and people’s confidence in me.

Majer came highly recommended to me, and Suzie clearly had a stellar reputation in the business. I scored some fantastic roles. All the time I suspect that Suzie was getting a handle on who I really was, what I could really do and what a good fit would be for me in respect of a full-time, permanent role. She always considered what was right for me – and not just Majer.

In mid-2012 I was put forward as a candidate for a role at QIC in Facility Services by Majer. The long and the short is that coming up 8 years later I’m still there. It is a role that I love, that has evolved for me and allowed me to use all of my strengths and work with some pretty awesome and cool people, for a prestigious and respected company in a fantastic location.

After 10 years in Australia,  I’ve finally applied for my citizenship this year as I think I might stay now. I can’t believe how much Australia fits me and I seem to fit Australia. I could not have conceived of such a life change at 49 years old back in 2010, but here I am and it’s brilliant.

What are two positives you can share with others facing a similar experience with COVID-19 and the changing employment landscape?

  1. You are never too old to learn something new if you truly want to.
  2. Take that chance if it feels right – not knowing, might haves and what ifs will almost certainly imprison you.

What is the best career advice you have received?

As above, if you always look over your shoulder at the “might have” you will almost certainly never see the “will be” right in front of you. I use it all the time in all kinds of circumstances.

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Empathetic,
  • Personal,
  • Professional.

For a personal approach and a team that want what is best for you, give Majer Recruitment a call (07) 3253 6565.

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