Preserving Connections – Caitlin Chamberlin shares her experience image

Preserving Connections – Caitlin Chamberlin shares her experience

The vivacious Caitlin Chamberlin from Anglicare shared her personal experience of facing lockdown in Melbourne. Within her day-to-day role, Caitlin is tasked with empowering and supporting people to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. Preserving community connections, supporting thousands of families and working for a diverse, inclusive organisation founded on respect keeps her grounded and focused on the important work of creating better tomorrows.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

My name is Caitlin Chamberlin, I am 41 (eeek!) and I currently live in Melbourne with my husband (Ben), 2 daughters (Evelyn and Olivia) and 2 dogs (Jack and Stella). I work as the Regional Executive Officer for Anglicare Victoria – North Metro.

I have been in Admin/EA for about 20 years now with my first job at a law firm in Brisbane as a trainee legal secretary. I then spent 2 years working in the UK as a legal secretary in my mid-20’s and when I came back to Brisbane I met with Suzie at Majer Recruitment where our long standing relationship and more importantly, our friendship began.

The thing I love about Majer is that I have never felt like just a number with them, they have always made me feel like a real person and like I am a member of their family.

What would you say were two positive outcomes of the lockdown in Melbourne?

My 2 daughters are now getting a lot more time out on their bikes/scooters and the dogs are also enjoying a lot more walks…..although I think the dogs are just happy that we are home all day now too! And being able to take the mornings a bit slower, enjoy breakfast together with the family and not having to rush out the door of a morning in a fluster doing childcare and school drop offs before work.

What is the best career advice you have received?

To always treat every person, no matter the person or role they are in, with the same level of respect.

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Dedicated
  • Caring
  • Unique


At Majer, we are always working towards building relationships, both with clients and candidates – to help businesses grow and be successful over the long term. And when it comes to supporting our candidates, this extends beyond the usual recruiter-candidate relationship. We listen and take an active role in getting to know you, and want to find the best way to support you throughout your career.

For our clients, this provides not just a quick win – when the right candidate is presented to fill your role – but provides a great safety-net. Our team take the time to really know our candidates, and this is why we can match the right client and the right candidate time after time!

For any recruitment related enquiry, just contact us and you will quickly see what the difference is when you speak with our team.

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