Looking for a role with flexibility? Consider Temping image

Looking for a role with flexibility? Consider Temping

Written by: Nelita George

Whether you are a mum looking to get back into the job market, a student eager for work experience, or in a career transition, temping is the best way to get your foot in the door.

Speaking from experience, I recently immigrated to Brisbane from South Africa with no clue on where to start in this job market.

Although I have plenty of work experience, I didn’t have current experience in Australia, and I was finding it challenging to find a position — Temping opened up a wonderful world of opportunity for me!

What Does Temping Look Like With A Recruitment Agency?

A temp is employed by an agency that sends you to work in different offices for short periods of time. It can be anything from one day to a couple of weeks to cover someone ill or an extended  leave of absence.

Once you’ve found a recruitment agency you feel best represents you and the careers you’re interested in, register and build your relationships with your recruiters.

We know the job market and help you gain access to the “hidden” job market. Many companies don’t publicly post temp positions because it can be time-consuming to sift through many unqualified candidates. We’ve built our relationships with our clients who trust we’ll present them with the best talent Brisbane has to offer.

How Can You Benefit From Temp Roles?

  • Rediscover your strengths and brush up on skills. If you’re returning from a gap period, temporary assignments can help you build your confidence returning into the workforce.
  • Gain experience in different industries. Work for small to international companies and gain experience in a wide range of industries. This allows you to improve your adaptability and widen your scope of experience. 
  • Get your foot in the door. Temp assignments are an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and what you can bring to the table. Many temps have become permanent staff where they initially started temping — myself included!

Have You Considered Temping?

We’re always looking to work with amazing talent who are open to temping. If you’re on the job market and still have some questions about pursuing temp assignments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Majer team to have a chat.

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