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8 ways to get noticed by the right people on LinkedIn

While it might seem that there are currently one million and one social platforms that are being targeted towards you, with all of them arguing they’re equally important, there’s only one that is vital for those in the corporate world. No prizes for guessing which one it is – yes, it’s LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is so much more than just another social media platform. It can act as a powerful stage of not just brands and businesses, but also individuals, with an incredible potential for networking, job finding and career development. 

LinkedIn can be a tool that helps you advance in your career, through helping you connect with hiring managers, found by recruiters (hi, that’s us – and you best believe, we spend a looooot of time on LinkedIn), and it also allows you to keep in touch with professional connections and ex-colleagues who might have opportunities in mind for you. 

So, how can you ensure that you’re being noticed by the right people in the right field on LinkedIn? You can’t find your dream job if your profile isn’t in front of the people who are hiring for it, so we’ve rounded up eight things you can do to help build your network, get in front of the right people and ensure you’re kept top of mind for your ideal opportunities. 

Update your LinkedIn headline

When was the last time you updated your headline? You need your headline to be short, punchy, but reflect exactly who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going. Ensure you also have your correct contact email on there too, in case someone would prefer to email you over LinkedIn DM.

Add a header image to your profile. 

As with any social media platform, your LinkedIn is a representation of who you are as a person. While it’s probably best to avoid including the picture of you with your friends at Schoolies 2002 (maybe keep that one in the depths of MySpace), look to include a picture that is representative of your career – whether that be a logo of the company you’re working for, a fun but professional graphic, or a photo of your team at work. 

Connect with one of your references on LinkedIn.

Remember those people that you reach out to when you need to include a name and contact number on your CV? Those people are the exact people you need in your network, as they’re clearly already in your corner if they’ve agreed to be a professional reference for you. If you haven’t already, make sure you’re connected to all of them on LinkedIn so they can stay up to date with what you’re doing and amplify your posts down the track. 

Send a message to one of your existing contacts.

When did you last reach out to a contact on LinkedIn? If it’s been a while, send a message to someone you’d like to connect with or someone you admire, and arrange a coffee catch up. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to then forge meaningful professional relationships in real life, so take advantage! 

Send a connection request to at least two former co-workers. 

The people you need to have on your LinkedIn are people who know your skills, know what you’re capable of and understand how you are in a professional setting. These are the people you want to amplify your messaging and it also makes sense that they will likely be connected with people within your industry or within a similiar professional circle if you’ve worked with them in a previous role. Connect with at least two of them to start with – but the more the merrier!

Comment on a LinkedIn blog or post written by a hiring manager or recruiter. 

Commenting on posts is the perfect way to get in front of the right people on LinkedIn. Hint: hiring managers and recruiters are often all connected on LinkedIn, so if you engage with their content, others in their field are also likely to see it. Start with sharing your thoughts on one of their LinkedIn blogs, or simply pop a comment on one of their posts!

Ask someone for a LinkedIn recommendation.

More and more often, LinkedIn is becoming the first port of call when it comes to hiring managers sussing out job seekers and potential candidates. For this reason, you want to ensure you’ve got your best foot forward on your LinkedIn. One functionality of LinkedIn is their ‘recommendations’, which act as an immediate reference point for recruiters and hiring managers. Ask someone you trust to leave you a recommendation on how you were to work with – and leave them one back! It’s always polite to return the favour and it will act as another way to get your profile visible to more people. 

Use the search function to connect with someone who went to your University or high school that you might not know personally, but who could be a great professional connection. 

LinkedIn has a fantastic tool whereby you can search the name of your highschool and find alumni – and the same with university! This is a great way to make connections in the professional space, even if you don’t know that person in real life. When you make the connection request, be sure to signify why you’ve connected (i.e. ‘I saw you also attended University of Queensland in 2007!’) to increase the likelihood of them not only accepting your request, but also potentially reaching out to connect via message. 

If you put these eight tips to the test over a one month period, and track your connections and how your posts are performing, you’ll be surprised at how much your activity goes up! 

If you’d like to learn more about ensuring your name is being put in the ring for the right roles, get in touch with us today and we can discuss with you more options on how to build your profile, and speak to you about exciting upcoming roles we have. 

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