Prepare for your next Interview. Merran Jack, SDSI’s Executive Head of People shares her advice image

Prepare for your next Interview. Merran Jack, SDSI’s Executive Head of People shares her advice

Merran Jack, Executive Head of People, Performance and Business at SDSI took some time to share with us some insider interview tips. These handy tips can help you feel more prepared and hopefully lead to a successful outcome.


Dress appropriately – First impressions matter, and they are lasting!  Smile confidently, shake hands firmly, and make eye contact.

Always bring a copy of your resume to the interview – It is often useful to be able to refer to your resume during the interview.

Interview preparation – Do your research on the organisation & industry beforehand, and be sure to review the job description and required skills. Being prepared will help you feel calm and in control.

Arrive early  – Arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the interview start time, but not any earlier!

Find a shared interest – The interviewing panel are also human beings like you and me, having particular interests outside work. They, too, love coffee, have pets, favourite foods, sports teams, and ideologies. If you happen to identify a commonality, like interest in football, kids, dogs, or cats, use that opportunity to build a brief friendship with your interviewer. This is a sure way to reduce the tension in the room while still creating a mental note of yourself in the interviewers’ minds.

Ask questions – View the interview as two-way traffic; it is sad that many interviewees still view the meeting as an interrogation rather than a conversation. To stand out, the interview should be an opportunity to learn more about the company as the company learns more about you. Make inquiries about the company culture and show interest in specific company values. This is a sure way to stand out from the pack.

Think positively – Don’t dwell on negative experiences; always talk about the positive aspects of your previous roles or organisations.

Be able to articulate why you specifically want this role – Tell the interviewer your selling points and use examples to demonstrate them. Answering questions wisely will give you a head start over other interviewees. First, strive to ensure that you answer your questions through the firm’s values. If the company leans towards safety, ensure that it shows in most of your answers. If they have a strong belief in Corporate Social Responsibility, let it show in your answers. Another sure way to stand out is to answer your questions with examples; show instead of telling.

Work on your motive – To stand out, speak of the values and worth you bring the company rather than what you take away from the company. Show the panel that the company is better off with you than without you; most of the interviewees will be showing that they are better off with the company than without it. Ensure that you speak your mind in the interview, as members of the panel can sense someone who is saying just what they want to hear.

Before the interview concludes, be sure to reinforce your interest in the role – This is a fantastic role, I was excited before the interview, but now I am convinced I would love to work here.

If you want the job don’t give up – Send an email, call the interviewer and reiterate what you can offer the company.


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