7 career advice blogs you need to follow ASAP image

7 career advice blogs you need to follow ASAP

What was the last book you read for personal development?

There are so many reasons you should strive to read more. Reading reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary, and educates.

We understand that few people have time to read novels in their busy schedules. Lucky us, we live in the age of blogging.

Online articles are an accessible source for insightful advice and excellent conversation starters.

Here’s a list of our favourite websites that host a goldmine of resources that will help you with your career and personal development.

We recommend consuming with your favourite cup of coffee in the morning or with a healthy lunch.

Career Contessa

Career Contessa offers resources for every career stage and learning style. They have weekly articles on career advice, actionable worksheets, webinars, and personalised career coaching.

We enjoy reading the Q+As with wildly successful women and getting behind the scenes through in-depth company profiles.

Girl Boss

Sophia Amoruso found the Girl Boss brand and published a best-selling book with the same title that chronicles the rise of her multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal.

Girl Boss is a community of ambitious, curious, and hilarious women. They share real-life work experience and practical career advice.

Idealist Careers

Idealist Careers is a publication that hosts a large collection of high-quality content for the professionals and job seekers who want to make a social impact.

They have inspiring content to inform readers on career planning from internships to career changes and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Idealist Careers is a great resource if you’re looking to advance your networking skills and discover workflow hacks.


LifeHacker is an Australian-based website on advice for your work and home life.

Be warned: the site can lead you down a blog-addicted frenzy because from the huge collection of articles on the latest tech gadgets, pop-culture news, and drool-worthy recipes.

The work category is full of great articles on preparing for job interviews, workplace trends, and even what to wear in five different business scenarios.

Fast Company

Started by two former Harvard Business Review editors, Fast Company is home to editorials that focus on new technologies, leadership, world-changing ideas, and design. It’s written with the progressive leader in mind.

The Leadership category is always a good read and will leave you feeling inspired, informed, and somehow feeling more intelligent.


Enhancv is a web-based platform that uses a step-by-step process to help users craft resumes.

It helps you highlight your performance rather than listing job duties. Enhancv is interactive and offers prompts to make resume building a breeze. It’s a pretty genius, fool-proof way to build a resume.

The Enhancv blog is entertaining and better yet, useful for helping you get into the career-advancing mindset.


Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. 99u is a branch of Adobe. It’s dedicated to tell the stories of how creative leaders mastered their crafts and continue to shape their industries.

If you’re a fan of biographies but can’t commit to reading an entire novel on one person, 99u is perfect.

The Muse

The Muse is a New York City-based career advice website. Get the inside scoop of company profiles from small startups to large corporations for an idea of office cultures and team dynamics.

The articles are easy to follow and offer great advice to help you get out of a rut or dealing with difficult bosses.

We’re always on the lookout to share amazing content with you through our social media, so if you have a favourite career website or personal development resource, leave a comment below.

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