Personal Perspectives – Insights from one of our Favourite EA’s – Bridget Easton from JLL image

Personal Perspectives – Insights from one of our Favourite EA’s – Bridget Easton from JLL

One of the things we love most at Majer Recruitment is the relationships we build day after day, year after year, with talented and inspirational people. Seeing extraordinary individuals embrace their passions, working hard to forge successful careers is why we do what we do.

Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” and this is so very true for Bridget and her role as an Executive Assistant. We sat down for a quick chat about her role and how she is making the most of our current lockdown.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

My name is Bridget Easton, I’m 35 and have been working as an EA/Admin for the past 16 years…my very first job was actually working on Reception at Majer Recruitment 🙂

I’ve been in my current role at JLL for six years where I’m EA to the Managing Director. Prior to this, I was in the UK for seven years, which was an amazing experience, but it’s great to call Brisbane home.

Outside of work I love dabbling in a bit of floristry and walking my dogs Toby and Sooty. And cooking. Thankfully they’re all hobbies I can still do during the lockdown!

What are two positives you can tell us about your new situation due to the COVID-19 Crisis?

The dogs are getting lots of walks!!! And I find I’m speaking to people more (albeit over the phone) and people I wouldn’t normally have a long conversation with!

What is the best career advice you have received?

Never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself!

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Relatable
  • Fun
  • Unique

Majer Recruitment are always ready to talk. So, if you need any help with your resume, interview tips or just want to connect or reconnect, please get in touch.

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