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How to make the most out of your temp work

There is a stigma around the temp-work or contract work lifestyle—it can be unstable, only offer entry-level positions, and is therefore a waste of time— this doesn’t have to be the case.

Recent graduates with little work experience, candidates looking to make a career change, and people looking for more flexibility in their work-life balance are benefitting from temporary work assignments.

If you’re looking at embracing the temporary work lifestyle, here are some pointers to get the most out of your experience.

Look for gigs that match your goals

Just because you’re doing temp-work, doesn’t mean you can’t plan for your long-term career goals.

Temporary work assignments are opportunities to “try-on” different roles with different industries. Giving you a broad range of skills, experience, and networking relationships.

You get what you give

To make the most out of your temp work. Show up eager to learn with a positive attitude, and work hard on those projects.

This should be a given at any role you take on, but it doesn’t seem obvious for some who hear the word “temp.”

If you do your job well and make a good impression on people, you’ll open yourself up to new career opportunities and networking relationships.

Learn new skills

Go the extra mile to learn new systems, apps, and programs. You can add these experiences to you resume. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you have a knack and a passion for something new.

Document your accomplishments

Temps, even ones working long term assignments 6-12 months, don’t typically receive performance reviews.

Don’t let that stop you from documenting your own accomplishments from your temporary assignments.

Save emails that praise you and keep active on your Linkedin to post work related events and projects that you’ve worked on.

Ask for feedback

Constructive feedback will help you grow. Schedule time to speak with your supervisor so that you can ask for constructive feedback.

This will demonstrate that you are serious about your career and the efforts you’ve made with your temporary employer.

During this time, you can ask for opportunities to work with the organisation again, which will show that you have an interest or ask for recommendations with other employers.

Build your network

Even if your temp job doesn’t lead to a permanent placement, it’s still a great opportunity for expanding your professional network.

The people you meet at the office might be able to introduce you to great contacts and opportunities, so be sure to make connections both online (emails, Linkedin, internal communication systems) and off-line (work functions and  coffee with colleagues).

You can’t deny the advantages of full-time permanent roles includes job security, health benefits, and stock options.

Temporary roles such as contract work also come with its own perks like flexible job hours, new opportunities, and sometimes higher pay.


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