Personal Perspectives – Amy Barber- Hassell Studio Practice/Operations Manager image

Personal Perspectives – Amy Barber- Hassell Studio Practice/Operations Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

I’m a working mum with two girls (six and four yrs of age). My background has been in Administration and Senior PA roles and I transitioned into Practice/Operations Management within the Architecture industry about 12 years ago. My current role is Studio Manager at Hassell (4 days a week). The role manages day-to-day operations of the studio and working closely with the Practice Leaders to ensure the studio delivers quality project, people and practice outcomes.

What are two positives you can tell us about your new situation due to the current COVID-19 restrictions?

Whilst it is challenging working from home, it has meant we can spend more time together as a family. There is no travel time and we get to have morning tea and lunch together.

Work wise we are really making the effort to stay connected and communicate. Hopefully some of these new practices will carry on once this is over.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Find a good mentor and stay in touch.

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Amazing
  • Reliable
  • Consistent

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