Team Majer: Morning routines image

Team Majer: Morning routines

Mornings are different for everyone.  Some people were born for early starts and others… not so much.  Let’s get into the morning routines of the dynamic staff here at Majer.  Which one can you relate to most?

morning routines suzie majer

Suzie Majer – Director

I LOVE the start of the day! I’m most definitely not a night person but a morning person. I wake up full of fresh hope, loads of energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to see what the day will bring.

I do some meditation for 10-15 minutes when I wake up which sets me on the right path. Then yes of course I check my phone… emails and a quick peek at Insta 😊 I grab a glass of water which has to be good right… hydrates you after a night of sleep! Henry and I have a tennis lesson twice a week so then we run out the door for our 6.30am lesson at the New Farm tennis courts before school/work. Then we zoom back home as by this time we’re both starving. To fuel up for the day we usually have a big bowl of porridge with a punnet of fresh blueberries which fills us both up or  poached eggs on toast for that much needed protein hit. Then it’s shower, get dressed, pack lunches etc before doing the school drop and heading to work.

Routine I think is key to feeling in control and starting the day on the right path.

morning routines jade

Jade Macbeth – PA & Social Media Coordinator

Snooze my first alarm.

Groan and turn off second alarm.  Force myself to sit up and open my eyes.

Do 15 minutes of stretching/yoga to wake myself up.

Sit outside and drink my coffee while reading a book or jumping online (I try to avoid technology for at least the first half an hour of my day… but the longer the better!).

Head into the bathroom.  Wash my face, moisturise, do my hair.

Get dressed.  I’d like to say I always plan my outfits the night before, but I’m no hero.  Most days I scrounge around for something last minute! I have put something in place to help though… lately I’m all about setting things up to help future me.  I have all of my work clothes hanging together in a separate wardrobe – so I don’t have to sift through EVERY item of clothing I own; everything I’m looking at is an option 🙂

Grab my lunch out of the fridge and anything else I need, jump in the car and listen to music or an audio-book or a podcast on the drive in to work.

morning routines katie

Katie O’Connell – Talent Coordinator

5:30 First alarm goes off.

5:35 Second alarm goes off.

5:40 Third alarm goes off and the dreaded realisation sets in – I’m going to have to move.

5:45 Staring at self in mirror wondering when they’re going to invent a caffeine IV.

6:15 Somehow 30 minutes have disappeared.  Am now wondering if I’m going to make it out the door on time!

6:30 Curling, straightening and just general wrangling of the lion mane atop my head.

6:35 Usually running through the house trying to find the outfit I imagined in my mind whilst falling asleep the night before.

6:45 Realising I should be out the door but instead just poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand.

6:50 In the car and flying down the driveway.

7:30 Traffic, traffic, traffic. Is there always this much traffic??

7:45 Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

7:48 Thank GOD for coffee.

7:50 Arrive at Majer HQ ready to get stuck into the day!

morning routines jana

morning routines dogs

Jana Lanigan – Senior Talent Advisor

Routine wow, I think this is a concept for amazing people.  I am more of a every day is different person.  Currently we have 7 people in living in the house – Me, GP and our brady bunch.

My morning starts with the mad dash to the shower to beat the masses, yep I do pull the mum card when needed.  Being the second shortest person in the house doesn’t work in my favour for this morning smash and grab! Then for me it is just get ready and get out the door.

Like my puppies I have a 5 minute pause to contemplate the day.  I take my hat off to those that have routine, I am jealous… one day I will have one 😊

morning routines Kathryn

Kathryn Napier – Senior Talent Advisor

Mmm…. a typical morning routine at my place…is there such a thing?  The only thing I can be assured of these days is that there is no such thing as typical!

Mornings are a bit of a struggle for me as I am a natural night-owl. I’ve tried going to bed earlier and though I’m always grateful the following day… the next night I’m back to staying up late and begging for an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning.

I wake to my alarm and always hit the snooze button at least twice! Then it’s out of bed to assess the damage our spoodle puppy has caused over-night. This morning it was toilet paper ripped to shreds in the bathroom… lucky she’s cute!

The best way to calm the crazy with my adorable fur-baby is to take her for a walk or a run in the park with her best mate Chad the Staffy. Watching the pure joy she experiences from running at full speed with other dogs reminds me of the simple pleasures in life.

After that, I dash back home to play sous chef to my two children (one smiling in the morning and the other not so much). I spend the next half-hour packing lunches and having varied conversations with my children ranging from politely asking, negotiating, begging and forced deep breathing while counting to ten in order to ensure they are ready for school on time.

Then I somehow manage to shower and get myself ready in 13 minutes before jumping in the car and driving my daughter to school for an early morning choir or sporting practice, while my husband takes our son to school.

The next 15 minutes is pure bliss – driving to work in absolute peace & quiet listening to music or a podcast.

I’m still trying to figure out how all of this manages to occur before 8:00am!

morning routines Catherine Lacey

Catherine Lacey – Company Accountant

  • Rise and shine about 7ish to the smell of a fresh coffee made by my husband!
  • Morning cuddles in bed with my 2 beautiful, healthy children who are already fed and dressed for the day by my husband!
  • Leisurely shower then get ready for work, clothes already ironed and ready.
  • Avocado on toast for breakfast, while reading newspaper and kids entertaining themselves.
  • Stroll out the door about 8.15am to drop kids to daycare, grab a coffee on the way to work and arrive at work 10 minutes early to start my day!
  • Wake up from dream.

Reality sets in and this is the way my morning plays out;

  • Wake up at 6.15am (after being woken up 4 times during the night between 2 children) to either a baby playing in his cot or my daughter calling out to me to change her nappy.
  • Hide under my doona for another 5 minutes of “quiet” time then drag myself out of bed.  Check my Fitbit sleep tracker to see exactly how little sleep I have had! I sure do feel better seeing my sleep pattern and how little I get… maybe I shouldn’t wear my Fitbit to bed!
  • Change two nappies.  Both usually have a number 2 in them… not quite the aroma in my house I was hoping for.
  • Quickly give child number 2 milk.
  • Assess runny noses and complaints of stomach pains.
  • Decide children not sick enough to stay home and forge on getting ready for work and daycare!
  • Jump in shower while both children are content, until child number 1 calls out that she needs me.
  • Jump out of shower, quickly throw some makeup on and iron clothes, madly get dressed!
  • Make an Isagenix shake for my breakfast – quick and easy!
  • Force my daughter to eat breakfast (after asking what she wants a thousand times) by reminding her she will starve otherwise at daycare.
  • Feed my baby boy breakfast.
  • Clean up the mess!
  • Change both kids ready for daycare.
  • Pack daycare bags.
  • Rush out the door with an armful of bags, and 2 children, always running late!
  • Get to daycare well behind schedule and drop kids off.
  • Text coffee order to coffee shop on way to work, run in grab it.
  • Get to work 5 minutes late!

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