Lee-Anne Davie putting a mindful spin on the world of golf for women image

Lee-Anne Davie putting a mindful spin on the world of golf for women

It’s no secret that golf is traditionally a male dominated sport – but it is certainly moving away from that tradition – and more women than ever before are enjoying the game.  For some women intimidation on the course is a real fear.  Meet Lee-Anne Davie – One of Majer Recruitments’ shining stars who has taken her passion to a whole new level

Lee-Anne helps to support and build confidence in women who want to start golfing.  Using mindful practices, she supports the beginner’s confidence until they can confidently golf on their own.

“It is such a pleasure to support women in this space, said Lee-Anne. “Using mindfulness, which is all about noticing our own thoughts and behaviours in the moment, I am empowering women through golf.  Using mindful practices I am helping women to understand the game of golf in a fun environment, by diffusing the intimidation they may feel especially whilst learning golf. ”

True confidence in this arena is linked to greater self awareness, greater self-esteem, connection with others, greater acceptance of self and appreciation of others, in the moment.  These are all emotions and thoughts which are transferable from the golf course to other regular activities and routines.

Along with golf course activities Lee-Anne is also working on a workshop series and a meditation series which will support much of these ideas and concepts, with the meditation series being available online in the coming months.

My next workshop event run will be held this Friday – Click here for more information. These events are run in conjunction with the Scenic Rim Regional Council each Friday, so stay up to date by following Lee-Anne on Facebook.

View Lee-Anne’s Upcoming events here

How has this new business come about?

“The commitment to my new business grew from being made redundant at the end of March 2020, which was in the early part of COVID restrictions.  I had worked in the resources sector for more than 12 years, having been placed by Suzie Majer and her team as a temporary legal secretary and moving into an Executive Assistant role, working with inspirational and motivated leaders.”

Lee-Anne had begun introducing women to golf a couple of years ago, holding an event once every few months, which was also highly supported by Suzie – so when her redundancy occurred and the COVID restrictions narrowed EA opportunities, she decided to transform her side hustle into a full time business – Mindful in Minutes.

“COVID has given me the time to think clearly about my business opportunities and has allowed me to reset my ideas to develop it into something full time.  I move between the Gold Coast, the Hinterland and Brisbane and have found more opportunities during this COVID period to support women’s mental wellness through golf, mindfulness and meditative practices.  My office is generally on top of the Beechmont Mountain, or happily on the golf course where my passion sings.”

What is the best career advice you have received?

The best career advice I have received and can offer is to live and work in your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.  To achieve this, find people like Suzie Majer and her team who can help to guide you to amazing and fulfilling opportunities.

Describe Majer in three words

  1. Inspirational
  2. Dependable
  3. Collaborative and Supportive… It’s difficult to keep it to just the three words!
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