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Back to basics with interview etiquette

If your nerves get the best of you during interviews, it’s best to get back to the basics. At the end of the day, interviews are conversations.

They just happen to have the most life-changing outcomes, so you’ll want to do everything within your power to see that these conversations go well.

Reviewing and practising job interview etiquette can set you apart from other candidates and it’s something expected of your from your interviewer, so it’s definitely worth the time.

Dress for success

It turns out, there is some merit behind the age-old advice. Whether you realise it or not, your clothes make a statement and affect how people receive you, so dress appropriately.

If you’re unsure how to dress for the interview, ask the receptionist or the recruiter for advice.

Demonstrate that you value the work culture and are willing to go the extra mile for details.

It’s all about them

You want to work at the company because your skills and background can contribute to that company. Don’t say that you want to work there because it’s closer to home or that you need the money.

Provide examples of what you can bring to the company that will bring a benefit to them. And never interrupt your interviewer when they are speaking.

Do your homework

It’s your job to go into the interview well informed. Do some research on the industry news, trends, and the position you’re applying for.

Linkedin is a great resource to help you find relatable articles. You can even make connections to people who have worked or currently work in the company and ask for advice.

Be on time

This is a no-brainer— It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, showing up late is a red-flag.

Timeliness shows respect for other people’s’ time.

If you’re not 100% sure how long the commute to the interview will take do a dry run, so you know how much time to allow yourself.

Be aware of your body language

Pay attention to what your nonverbal cues are communicating. Your posture, handshakes, and eye contact are speaking for you. You want to exude confidence, honesty, and reliability.

Here are some great body language tips for your next job interview.

Put your phones away

This is most interviewers’ pet peeve, and it’s just a best practice—put your phone away and have it on silent. Giving our undivided attention to someone while in a conversation is one of the best ways to demonstrate respect.

Thank you notes

Handwritten notes can go a long way, but emails work great too. Thank your interviewer for the opportunity to chat. You can also insert a follow-up or something unique to your conversation.

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