New Hope Group’s Fiona Forsyth – Reframing challenges as opportunities image

New Hope Group’s Fiona Forsyth – Reframing challenges as opportunities

Inspiring positivity in the workplace is all in a day’s work for New Hope Group’s Fiona Forsyth.  We sat down to chat with her about the return to work after restrictions were lifted.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

“Passionate HR Professional. Wicked Golfer. Mad Gardener. Avid Artist.” That is the brief summary.

I’ve been working in HR at New Hope Group for the last eight years. Initially placed my Majer Recruitment as a HR Administration Officer, shortly thereafter being made permanent. Over the years at New Hope, I have held the HR Officer, HR Advisor, and Senior HR Advisor roles.

I was also fortunate enough to be seconded to Bengalla Mine as an Integration Services Advisor. In this role I was required to analyse the newly acquired business’s processes and structure the integration with the broader New Hope Group. This was quite a defining moment in my career, both personally and professionally.

I love working in HR. I’m a very approachable and social people person. My business partnering style is one that makes others feel at ease by being open and transparent. I also love to have a laugh and enjoy learning about what others do.

What can you tell us about returning to work in the post COVID-19 restriction era –  How has the return to the office been for you?

It was initially difficult transitioning from working from home. But what really helped was the Company still supporting flexible working arrangements. I still have the ability to work from home, and this has really helped me fine-tune my focus.

The other difficulty returning to the office was New Hope had just moved into the city. Having not worked in the city before (and not previously having used public transport regularly), it was not only strange to navigate using buses and trains but also continually being mindful of social distancing and where I was putting my hands. Before Covid, I didn’t realise how many things I touched just on a typical day (like when you go grocery shopping).

What is the best career advice you have received?

Your mindset defines your success.

Your attitude – towards work, a task, project, people – changes the way you approach it and ultimately can change the results you get.

If you were to approach a large project that was new to you by complaining, dragging your feet and having a “can’t be done” attitude, it means you’re probably not going to put 100% of effort in and essentially you are already setting up the project to fail.

I’m a big believer in re-framing challenges to opportunities. It doesn’t mean I succeed every time, but I learn from it.

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New Hope Group's Fiona Forsyth in the office

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