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How to negotiate a pay rise

In 2022, it is all about looking at the big picture. Salaries are no longer just about the number on the piece of paper. Having a healthy work life balance is becoming more and more important to employees, and the rising cost of living is putting pressure on many workers. With this comes a demand for companies to be offering competitive  salary packages that offer more than just the figures. But… How exactly are you supposed to bring this up with your boss?

From pandemics, wars and the tarot reader on your Tik Tok telling you ‘mercury is in the microwave again’ (whatever that means… Gen Z – please explain!), there really hasn’t seemed to be the perfect time to start negotiating a pay rise. But, maybe that’s the point, there is no “perfect” timing. 

Now don’t worry, we’re not saying you need to wait for the stars to align to negotiate your next pay rise! These are our key tips to make negotiating your next pay rise seamless. 

Do your prep work! 

Making a priority list of what is truly important to you in the workplace will help make your negotiations prepared and concise. Not all negotiations have to result in a monetary increase. Non-cash perks such as stock options, mental health days or even hybrid working arrangements are all beneficial for employees and may be higher on your priority list for your particular situation or lifestyle. Doing your research into how your company is performing will also be a key indicator into what kind of package increase you should be asking for. 

Another key step in the prep work is keeping track of all the tasks that go above your job description. Taking on extra responsibility or a higher workload will demonstrate why you are deserving of the increase in your salary package. 

Knowledge is key for all negotiations. Having all of your information when going into negotiations will ensure you can remain calm and considered.  

Getting down to business!

Now when it comes to having the conversation, this is where the nerves can tend to kick in. But you have no need to stress. You’ve done your research, you know what you want and what is your best alternative. 

Expressing gratitude for your manager taking the time to speak with you will start the conversation off on a positive note. While you may be trying to remain cool, calm and collected, just remember that conversations about money makes everyone feel a little uneasy so your manager is probably in the same boat. 

Clarity is key! 

Framing the conversation by going through your list of key achievements and extra responsibilities you pre-prepared will help ease into the negotiations in a natural way. Listing off key statistics and tasks will help you stay on track and clearly demonstrate how you are adding value above and beyond your role requirements.

Now for the big question! With your priority list already planned out, this will flow seamlessly from your conversation. Don’t be afraid of the silence. If you’ve done your prep work you can be confident in your request. Silence is normal while your boss takes in and formulates a response. As we mentioned earlier, they’re probably feeling a little uneasy with negotiating this conversation too. 

You can always counter the offer! 

If you don’t receive your ideal offer straight away, don’t be afraid to counter with the other items on your list of priorities. 

But what happens if they can’t offer you anything on your list of priorities? This opens up the conversation to ask for clear and direct guidance on what they would expect you to be achieving in order for those requests to be achievable. This allows the conversation to end on a positive note no matter what the outcome. 

Whether you are the manager of the employee these conversations can be difficult. Majer can offer you personalised professional advice and guidance for both the recruitment and the job searching process. Contact us today – we will be delighted for you to take advantage of our 20 years of industry knowledge and experience. 

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