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Five Ways to Ace an Interview

It is imperative that job seekers develop strong interview skills early on in their careers, even if they are overqualified for the job. Second chances are not on offer when it comes to making a great first impression.

For this reason, we are here to help you develop interview skills and guide you to practice them throughout your professional journey so you can feel confident when you walk into an interview room. We’ve put together some of our top emotional and tactical techniques that are extremely effective when it comes to convincing the interviewer that you are suited to the proposed role. 

1. Practice strong nonverbal communication

You don’t have a lot of time in an interview to show off your skills. Therefore, it is likely the interviewer will take you at face value. Standing straight, using eye contact, and connecting with firmness will demonstrate confidence. 

2. Dress for the job

In light of today’s casual dress code, it is important to note that there is still an etiquette to be well-groomed and to wear something that matches the company culture. Simplicity is key! 

3. Answer the questions clearly

It is very easy to get nervous or overly excited in an interview which can result in an interviewee rambling on about a topic that has nothing to do with the question that has been asked. To avoid this happening, it could be useful to answer the question first and then add any other information that you feel is appropriate. 

4. Listen 

We know this might seem obvious but often an interviewee can be so caught up in what they are going to say next and forget to listen, therefore they miss a major opportunity. Good communication skills include signalling that you heard and understand the interviewer. 

5. Prepare possible answers and questions

During the interview, look for opportunities to form new questions and ideas on the spot. This will show your familiarity and interest in the company. Do your due diligence and make sure you can identify where your skills align with the company. 

Now that you know some skills that can help you ace an interview, put them into practice. These insights will help you build a strong foundation that will be carried with you throughout your career.

To hear some of the Majer team’s best interview advice, check out our reel on Instagram! Or contact us  – we would love to guide you through an interview process.

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