Internship with Devcorp cements career path for Tom image

Internship with Devcorp cements career path for Tom

Vibrant and enthusiastic, Tom Whisson, who is in his second year studying Property Economics at QUT, was delighted at the opportunity to take on an internship with Devcorp recently. What better way to experience what he’s studying than hands on experience!

Internships, work experience and temporary roles provide candidates, students and those looking for a career change, the opportunity to connect with the real world and gain valuable insights into what those “position descriptions” really are.

In our pandemic-challenged employment arena, navigating the available roles and making informed decisions are more important than ever before. Offering opportunities for young people, particularly students, is an increasingly important area for Human Resource Managers. The team at Devcorp continue to lead the way by offering internships and opportunities for staff growth and development.

Joanne Sorley, General Manager of Business Performance at Devcorp commented,

“It was great to have Tom in the office and we appreciated his support with a business process improvement project. I hope this gave Tom an insight into the property development and real estate industry. He is welcome back anytime.” 

Tom said,

“I really enjoyed the friendly team and working environment at Devcorp. They really helped me make a more informed decision about my career path as I gained useful insights into the entire development of a planned community. Overall, a highly valuable experience – thank you Chantelle and team.”

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