What we can learn from Beyonce about the great resignation (and beyond) image

What we can learn from Beyonce about the great resignation (and beyond)

In case you were living under a rock, Beyonce recently released her first song in six years, a fiery, catchy, bass-heavy pop anthem called ‘Break My Soul’. 

So what are we, a recruitment agency, doing harping on about pop culture? Well, her song became the accidental (or not-so-accidental) anthem for the great resignation. 

Beyonce shared a nugget of wisdom in Break My Soul, when she sung the lyrics “I just quit my job/ I’m gonna find new drive/ Damn they work me so damn hard/ Work by nine/ Then off past five.” The job works her nerves — and “that’s why I cannot sleep at night.”

Like the millions of people across the world who have been quitting their jobs over the past year, Beyonce isn’t abandoning work altogether. Instead, she’s “lookin’ for motivation” – a driving force that many mere mortals can relate to… realising their quite simply not that passionate about their job. 

So, while this is the first time a Beyonce song has kicked off a global conversation around the corporate world (we think…), we’ve come to realise there’s a lot more we can learn from Beyonce about the great resignation, recruitment and jobs you love. Below, we dissect five of her song lyrics that we apply to our day to day. 

“Some call it arrogant / I call it confident.” – Ego

Gone are the days of humility – it’s time to start owning your accomplishments. At Majer Recruitment, we’re firm believers that there is nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back when you achieve an important goal, and it looks like Queen Bey agrees with us. You’ve earned the right to claim that confidence. Celebrate it. 

“Perfection is the disease of a nation.” – Pretty Hurts

In one of her more vulnerable melodies, Beyonce sings about the impossible beauty standards set by society and the media. However, when we take a look at this with a recruitment lens, we think about how bogged down so many organisations get in making things ‘perfect’. Sometimes perfect is necessary, but other times, done is better than perfect. 

“We’re smart enough to make these millions / Smart enough to bear these children / Then get back to business.” – Run the World

Beyonce empowers women who want it all – the career, the family, the wardrobe and the big pay cheque. This is the kind of confidence we want all of our talent and clients to showcase – you’re deserving of your goals. 

“Stop making a big deal out of the little things.” – Mine

Everyone is guilty of overthinking, overanalysing and over-stressing at work (and always!). But sometimes it’s important to not sweat the small stuff, and focus on the bigger picture. 

“Ladies that’s a good look, when you’re in them big meetings for the mills.” – Upgrade U

We all hate meetings sometimes, but Beyonce encourages them. Therefore, you should attend. Simple logic. 


If you want to make like Beyonce and find something you’re passionate about, contact Majer Recruitment to have a confidential discussion around the dream roles we’re currently hiring for. Call us on (07) 3253 6565 or email us here

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