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Does your hiring process need a makeover?

Poor recruitment decisions can lead to bad hires that can result in long-term impacts for your organisation like lost productivity, lower staff morale, and monetary costs of finding a replacement.

There’s typically a lot of emphasis on avoiding bad candidates in the hiring process which is great, but not if you’re inadvertently scaring away top talent.

It takes up to 68 days on average to hire staff. This is up from 26 days in 2010. More and more employers are adopting pointless, expensive, and tedious processes that end up extending the recruitment process timeline.

Even with all these processes in place, bad hires happen. Only now, you’re limiting your talent pool.

If you’re finding it difficult to recruit top-notch talent and getting them to stay, you might want to reconsider your organisation’s hiring process.

Application/ assessment process is too long

Who has the time to fill out a 30-page long personality questionnaire for the slim chance of an interview? No one in their right mind, that’s who.

You’re missing out on great candidates from doing this. Simplify this process. The more applications that come through, the more candidates you’ll have to choose from.

Inaccurate job description

A lot of the time, the people writing the job description don’t fully understand the scope of the role. It might have a fantastic title, but the description might be a downgrade from what the role is previous to other experiences.

For example, a social media manager does not also take administration roles for the whole office. The two have respectively heavy workloads as it is, and it’s not reasonable to ask that an employee work the role of two people for the pay of one.

Wages you wish to pay are likely too low

Executives are looking to hire top talent but aren’t willing to pay for it. This point is straightforward. If the salary offer is too low, candidates will simply go elsewhere. The best candidates tend to slip through this crack, leaving hiring managers scratching their heads as to why they can’t make a great hire.

Time to offer is too long

If you think you are the only job this candidate has applied for, you’re not paying attention to the job market. Have a process in place that streamlines the final decision making.

It’s unreasonable to expect that top talent will wait around for you to be ready. You’ll only drive them to your competitors. Maintaining communication and clear timelines goes a long way for the candidate experience, even if they don’t end up landing the job.

If you’re in need of a serious hiring process upgrade, we can help. Recruitment agencies do most of the legwork when it comes to advertising the job, screening, and interview prep. It’s what we’re good at.

We make sure that only the top talent gets through to your shortlist, which can ultimately save your organisation time and money.
Get advice.

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