Emma Harris  – Executive Assistant & Manager Ray White Special Projects – Rewards Keep Coming! image

Emma Harris – Executive Assistant & Manager Ray White Special Projects – Rewards Keep Coming!

Emma Harris is no stranger to acting as the point of contact among directors, agents, clients and other external partners in her very busy role at Ray White. Her organisational and time-management skills are put to the test daily as she is required to act without guidance and just “get the job done!” Supporting the office keeps her focused and we can tell from her enthusiasm that she really loves her dynamic position and her team.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

I started in my career in Real Estate in 2009 as a Junior Personal Assistant at Ray White Cairns Central and now I am an EA/Manager to a team of three Directors and three Agents at Ray White Special Projects Queensland. I manage everything from general administration including campaign management, databasing, marketing right through to office management.

What are two positives you can tell us about returning to work post Covid?

  1. Being around my team. Even though we have daily Google Hangout catch ups and check ins, nothing beats being surrounded by your team and having some great banter.
  2. Having more focus. I was in lockdown for a month before I made the decision to come back into the office part-time, as I was losing focus and not able to give my team my best work with home distractions. I have slowly progressed to full-time back in the office, with the remainder of the office still on a part-time basis. Returning full-time to the office has been great for me and my team.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Be willing to learn anything and everything! Being in the Real Estate Industry going on eleven years now I’ve learnt so many different aspects of real estate from helping out receptionists, being the IT go-to, all the way to being an agent and selling properties. I have become an office “allrounder” for my team and anyone who may need assistance.

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Supportive
  • Reliable
  • Amazing


Looking for something dynamic and supportive – a team that will grow with you, and a company that will support your career? Then Majer Recruitment are the perfect partners for you. Get in touch with us and see where the journey may take us!

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