Drop these buzzwords from your resume immediately image

Drop these buzzwords from your resume immediately

Have you been applying for work, but can’t seem to land an interview?

There’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet on resume design, but most hiring managers agree on the type of language they want to see on the resume.

Considering your resume should only be 1-2 pages long, you only have a limited space to highlight your accomplishments. Make every word choice count!

Before you print off your next resume, let’s completely get rid of these buzzwords that making hiring managers cringe. These words are so overused and subjective that they are rendered meaningless. It’s best to avoid these words altogether.


Refrain from calling yourself an expert. This word can actually backfire on you, so let your projects speak for themselves.

Write about how you’ve demonstrated your expertise.

Better yet, use action words to convey your professionalism and experience like “published” or “delivered.”


Give examples of when you’ve smashed your goals and how you did it.

Simply stating that you are results-driven doesn’t give the reader much of a story about your work. Your resume is your opportunity to convince the employer to learn more about you.


Just knock this word out of your resume. Let’s limit its use to menus.


What makes you “highly-qualified?” List your qualifications by jotting down similar roles, projects, and certifications.

Microsoft word

Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word. Just leave this out. It’s not adding any value to your resume.


There are so many ways one can express their creative side. Instead of just jotting down “creative,” show it!

Show off your projects and your unique contributions.

It’s always best to get a second opinion on your resume. If you want to boost your job application strategy, have an extra set of eyes go over your resume.

It can be difficult to talk about ourselves and having another perspective can help us highlight the best accomplishments in more detail.

Connect with one of our recruitment specialists for a 45-minute consultation on resume formatting and interview prep.

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