Davyd Williams – QIC’s Senior Receptionist shares his views on productivity and raising standards image

Davyd Williams – QIC’s Senior Receptionist shares his views on productivity and raising standards

QIC are a very proud Queensland Organisation. If you visit their website, they very boldly state that their people define who they are and how they do things. From an external supplier perspective, every staff member we interact with embodies the corporate culture of raising standards, improving skills and fostering diversity across the workplace. With a solid focus on improving the standards by which the organisation functions, it is no surprise they manage to retain loyal team members like Davyd.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and your role.

I have been working as a Receptionist since 1995, and I have been with Queensland Investment Corporation for more than ten years now!

The most enjoyable part of my role is that I have the opportunity to meet and greet visitors and guests to QIC. I am the “gatekeeper,” face and voice for QIC. People will perceive the quality of QIC by my actions and conduct, so I take immense pride in my work. I also answer and transfer all incoming calls, assisting clients and vendors across all industries and areas get in touch with the contact they are looking for. Assisting with internal staff enquiries and being organised is also part of my day-to-day role. I maintain the Boardroom and all meeting rooms connected to Reception, ensuring they are ready for any gatherings.

Outside of Covid – and we just cannot wait to get back to “normal” – I would also organise monthly staff social events, such as drinks functions, ordering food and beverages.

What are two positives you can tell us about returning to work in the post COVID restriction era?

I have returned to the Office full-time. From my experience, having daily interactions with staff and management again – as well as having productive and constructive tasks to carry out – would be two positives.

Returning to the Office during the pandemic has proven to be interesting, and challenging at times. Due to the functional nature of my role, I now have a keen eye for social-distancing requirements, the need for hand sanitiser and other protective mechanisms, and I am up to date on all the rules and regulations that now apply. Being responsive to the changing circumstances and needs of my organisation is important in my role.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Many years ago, a boss said to me “a fish stinks from the head down.” She went on further saying, “you can’t do your job to the required standard if those above you aren’t doing likewise.”

Describe Majer in three words:

  • Conscientious
  • Perceptive
  • Winning

At Majer Recruitment, we are honoured to work alongside people like Davyd, who take immense pride in what they do, and the organisation they are part of. If you feel strongly about being conscientious, and delivering an experience you can be proud of, then get in touch with us today. We have clients who are looking for people like you!


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