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Top 5 free project management apps

If you’re guilty of having 3 or more windows open on your browser (inbox, cloud storage, documents for your project, social media) you’ll notice that your productivity and attention are split by the number of tasks you’re juggling at a time. Our brains are simply not capable of multitasking. What we’re actually doing is switching (very quickly) between tasks, making us less productive at each job on hand.

We all know the feeling of being time-poor while working on a big project, and collaborating on a project with multiple members can be a tricky juggling act. If you want to focus your time on actioning tasks rather than organising the details and make the best use of everybody’s time, consider a project managing system.

We’ve compiled a list from the web to bring you some of the best free project management platforms to try. They all have their unique features so have a read and consider what system would work best for your team and the projects you have on the go.


Slack nails it at facilitating team communication discussions. The system allows you to organise conversations into your preferred channels, so you can say “goodbye” to sifting through cluttered email threads.

Voice and video calls are accessible within the app itself and easily integrates with common day-to-day apps like Asana, SalesForce, Dropbox, and Google Drive designed to keep up with the flow of your project.

The cleverest feature about Slack is that it learns as you use. The more you use Slack, the smarter Slack’s searches become. The program literally becomes part of the team, learning patterns to become a more efficient software.


The intelligent system includes features such as invoicing templates, bookkeeping, CRM, task management, and smooth 3rd party integration allowing maximum possibilities for customisation according to your team’s needs. Best of all, the Freedcamp core features are free!

The Freedcamp system is designed beautifully and more importantly, allows your team to collaborate on-the-go with the mobile app. Your team can receive notifications in real-time and access the project anywhere making it ideal for pressing deadlines.


Designed by the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz, Asana has over 1000 app integrations making it an all-in-one project management go-to. The interface allows you to report on your progress, sharing with the team what tasks have been completed and what needs urgent attention in real-time.

Asana is a great tool for mapping each step of your project and bringing together all the details visually. You can even tie in your team’s calendar to coordinate your team for deadlines, meetings, and events all in one place.


Bitrix24 is entirely free for an unlimited amount of users in your project for up to 5GB of storage a month. You have the option to store your project in the Bitrix24 cloud or opt to use your company’s server to self-host.

The system features a large suite of social collaboration, communication, sales and management tools for users making it a one-stop project management tool. Communication is made simpler with real time-notifications for task delegations, group calls, and video chats. The interface also allows you to access your daily email and facilitates sales team organisation and internal CRM.


For the not-so-tech-savvy team members, MeisterTask is an intuitive project and task management tool. It’s easy to use, offers flexible app integration, and allows you to customise your dashboard to your working style.

Mind mapping with team members remotely has never been easier with the built-in MindMeister app to help you formulate ideas from start to finish. Best of all, MeisterTask has no storage limit meaning exchanging files won’t be a burden on the system’s capacity.

project management apps

We are not sponsored by any of these apps. We simply love sharing clever technology to make work life easier.

Have you tried any of these project management systems? Do you have any favourites to add? Please share the wealth of knowledge and let us know.


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