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6 Awesome team building activities in Brisbane

A team that works well together is more productive, creative, and happier overall.

The point of team building activities is to foster genuine relationships that will improve office culture by making it a more enjoyable place to work.

We’ve come up with 6 awesome team building activities in Brisbane that are outside the box and a lot of fun.

Team Building

1. Group Training Sessions

This is a majer recruitment team favourite. We love our New Farm Park training sessions.

Hire a fitness trainer or attend group work-out classes as a team once a week to get the heart racing. Exercise is part of a healthy work-life balance. Regular exercise releases endorphins and is a natural stress reliever.

2. Trivia Night

If you have an office large enough to make several teams for a game of trivia, host one at the office after business hours.

You’ll need to appoint a clever quiz master to arrange the game. They’ll come up with the theme, questions, and prizes.

Don’t have enough players for an office trivia night?

Hit the town. Here are some bars that put on lively and challenging trivia night:.

3. Escape Room

An escape room is a fully-immersive game where the whole point of the activity is to search for clues and solve puzzles to find a way out of the chamber, usually within 60-70 minutes.

To successfully solve escape rooms, you’ll need to work on your organisation, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Here are some of Brisbane’s best escape rooms: Escape Manor, Quest Room, Escape Hunt, and Seraphim Escape Rooms.

4. Paint and sip

Wine and paint nights are typically around 1-2 hours where an instructor teaches you techniques to paint a picture. You’ll have everything you need: paint, brushes, smocks, canvas, easel, drinks and good company.

No previous painting experience necessary to guarantee a fun night. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and break down easy ways to approach a painting.

Cork & Chroma and  Brush & Barrel host excellent paint nights in Brisbane.

5. Rock Climb at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Learn how to rock climb 20-meter high cliff face from experienced guides. Riverlife has highly qualified instructors and all the safety equipment you’ll need for this sport.

It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced climbers, plus you’ll get the best view of the city from just across the river.

6. Barefoot Bowls

It’s a game everyone can play. You’ll need to work together as a team to build a high score that wins the game. There’s no shortage of bowling greens in Brisbane to get the night rolling.

Check out: Merthyr Bowls, The Boo, Camp Hill Bowls Club, Toowong Bowls Club, and Windsor Bowls.

Do you have suggestions for fun team building activities in Brisbane? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram @majerrecruitment to show us how your organisation does team building.

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