The benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency for your career development image

The benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency for your career development

Written by: Kelly Kannar

We’re going to share real-world examples from majer recruitment candidates of the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agencies at various points in your career — from entering the full-time job force to returning to work after maternity leave, or simply seeking a change after a long tenure.

Let’s dive right into it.

Starting out…

If you’re starting out in your career, partnering with a recruitment agency is a smart move. With a recruitment agency, you have a professional working on your behalf to help you stand out from the hundreds of applicants for entry-level positions.

This is Maddie Hodgson’s recruitment agency experience. We placed Maddie in her first HR role at yourtown. Prior to this role, Maddie was studying and working in retail.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources. After graduating, I wanted to take some time off to travel before heading into a full- time job.

I began my search for a full-time role in my field. It was overwhelming sifting through positions I didn’t have the experience for and scrolling through a number of jobs that just weren’t quite what I was looking for.

This is where recruitment agencies (especially majer, but I could be a tiny bit bias since they found me my position) come in!

From my experience, entry level jobs were hard to come by, but majer was there to do the looking for me. While it’s the recruiter’s goal is to find someone for the organisation, it was also their goal to make sure it was mutually beneficial for the candidate — meaning I, as the jobseeker, found what I was looking for too.

I can’t speak for other recruitment agencies, but I felt majer genuinely cared about finding me a position that suited me — what I looked for in a workplace and position.

The process was quick and I can’t speak highly enough about the talent advisor I dealt with, Kelly. She was super friendly with a calming nature that put me at ease which is exactly what you want in an interview for your first job in your field! She was supportive and professional throughout the whole process and checked in after I started my new role to see how I was going.

As silly as it seems, although I studied HR and considered working in a recruitment agency, it wasn’t until majer that I actually tried using one myself.

I would absolutely recommend partnering with an agency to anyone who is looking for a position to kick-start their career. Six months in and I couldn’t be happier in mine!’

Looking for a career change

If you are looking for a career change, it’s important to have someone working on your behalf to ‘sell’ your transferable skills, help you with your resume, connect you with clients and even assist you with temp work to gain some relevant experience while you look for your perfect opportunity.

We helped Ryan change from a CFO role to a role that combined his passion for IT and his skills in accounting. He is super happy in his new role as a Systems Accountant at Retail First.

Here’s his experience on how a recruitment agency helped him with his career change.

After a number of years contemplating a career change (from accounting to IT), I finally made the decision and began my search. For several months, I was constantly disappointed by employers who didn’t believe that my existing skills were adequate or did not recognise my ability to learn and adapt to the role they were offering.

Recruiters would jump at my accounting experience and try to place me in similar accounting jobs that I wasn’t interested in.

I finally came across an IT role advertised by majer recruitment. The role was not too different from the other IT roles I had been applying for. However, once I applied, I knew I had partnered with a completely different recruitment firm.

They were thoroughly interested in me and my future career. They wanted to understand my passions and wanted me to succeed. Not long after I applied, they notified me of another role that they thought was more suitable for me. This role blend my experience in accounting with my passion for IT. The recruiters were honest and kept me informed at all times. I felt like they were working for me and I knew I was finally on to a winner. I got the job!!!

It didn’t stop there — The recruiter met me at my new job a couple of days after I started. They called or emailed me every few weeks to see how I was going and it hasn’t stopped. majer recruitment are truly engaged in my career!

And best of all, I’m still in the same job they recommended 7 months ago and it’s the best job I’ve ever had!

Returning to the workforce

Women who have been out of the workforce raising children are a HUGE untapped resource but often, again, it helps having someone working for you connecting you to the right organisations — helping you brush up on your interview skills, put together your resume and advice on how to present it and just generally support you as you go through the process.

We asked Haley who came to us after 7 years out of the paid workforce raising her 4 gorgeous kids. According to her, the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency at this stage of her career is as follows:

The recruitment agency experience was a massive help with confidence. Building a relationship with the recruiter has helped me source employment opportunities I wasn’t aware of, making me feel that my skills are valid and that I am capable.

I gained more and more confidence as I started interviewing on a day-to-day basis, feeling like these interviews were a team effort with thorough coaching from the talent advisor.

There’s constant communication throughout the whole process and I had someone on the majer team support me through the whole process.

Looking for your next big role

Wherever stage you are in your career, partnering with a recruitment agency is a smart move.

We’re experts in the job market place — we can provide invaluable advice, access to top companies, and provide interview and application prep. It can be difficult to talk about yourself, our job as talent experts is to help you polish your story so that you can find your dream job.

If you want to discuss how partnering with an agency might help YOU, don’t hesitate to call our team on 07 3253 6565!

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