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As a small business it is hard to know where to find information about annual leave, personal leave, awards and pay rates.  The Fairwork Ombudsman website is a great source of information for businesses to confirm pay rates, pinpoint what award your workers should be aligned to and much, much more.

To clarify the difference between the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Fair Work Commission, they both have different roles to play for employers and employees.  The Fair Work Commission is the independent national workplace relations tribunal; they are responsible for upholding employment conditions and a variety of other workplace functions and regulations.  The Fair Work Ombudsman’s role is to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act, awards, registered agreements and other workplace legislation.  They also provide advice to both employers and employees with regard to pay rates and conditions in the work place.

The Fair Work Ombudsman site has a great application call ‘the P.A.C.T’ which stands for the pay and conditions tool. This calculator helps you to determine pay rates, awards and allowances.  Another function is the leave calculator, this works out how much leave has accumulated for each leave type (annual leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, carer’s leave etc.).  The other calculator here is the notice and redundancy calculator.  This is a helpful tool when trying to work out how much notice to give an employee before termination or redundancy. The P.A.C.T calculator is a really handy tool have set as a favourite for your small business.

This website also has quite a comprehensive resource section which provides templates and guides on the following topics:

  • Employing staff
  • Record keeping
  • Hours of work
  • Balancing work and family
  • Managing performance
  • Managing under-performance
  • Ending employment

small business hints

Each of the above sections have a number of templates that can help you when putting together documentation. For example, in the section on employing staff, you can find templates for advertising, job descriptions, phone screening, reference checking, contracts and more.  As a resource tool this is a really helpful site to have at your finger tips and keep you pointed in the right direction!

One more helpful tip for a small business – jump on the site and check out all available business grants and other subsidies that your business might be eligible for.

You never know what you might find, you just need to know where to look!! ?

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