Recruitment 2021 – A plan of attack for your Job Search image

Recruitment 2021 – A plan of attack for your Job Search

As we head into the New Year, you may have had some time to reflect on the chaos, uncertainty, challenges and opportunities of 2020. Did your industry or sector take a hit due to COVID last year? Did you find yourself unemployed or made redundant? Did you need to reduce your working hours or move into a different industry to retain employment? Or perhaps you were fortunate enough to work in a sector where it was ‘almost’ business as usual? Maybe your company pivoted towards a digital transformation, and you have a new set of skills. 

Whatever challenges life throws our way, there are generally opportunities to take away and build on. This is particularly true within the sphere of employment. So, what better time than to provide you with some useful tips for your fresh start in 2021. 

Looking for work

Job seeking is a complicated business at the best of times. With COVID still playing havoc with daily life, finding work poses a unique set of challenges. Whether you are unemployed and looking for a job or want to change your current situation, follow these tips and plan for a successful 2021. 

Reconnect with your network 

A strong social and employment network is a critical part of job hunting. The start of a New Year provides the perfect excuse to reach out to them for a conversation, or even send them a card or note to thank them for their support over the previous year. Letting them know you are in the market for a new position or opportunity also keeps your situation current in their mind.

We know that your connections and referrals are so important when looking for work and obtaining fantastic references. By getting in touch with your network, you are staying front-of-mind for work opportunities in 2021. It is also helpful to acknowledge your appreciation of their time, advice, and connections over the past year.

Set smart goals 

Goal setting is an essential part of any successful job search campaign. Decide on a set of small goals that will help set you up for success. Make sure you align these goals to your personal and professional priorities. 

The employment marketplace is very different in 2021, so you might need to redefine your job search direction. Be mindful of how the world of work has shifted as you may need to pivot your priorities while identifying your new skillset.

Review your resume

As you redefine your goals, you can then review your resume. Identifying and clarifying your skills to cover the post COVID requirements of employers is a must-do task. Think about how your skills can match employers’ specifications, such as the ability to undertake remote work, prioritising the management of critical tasks, working with agility, and your overall resilience. 

Review your top soft skills. Can you set yourself apart from other top candidates by demonstrating areas where you can showcase skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and communication? Clarify how your skills can deliver benefits for potential employers. 

Reflect on your accomplishments 

During 2020 it was difficult to keep track of time with so much going on, let alone taking note of your accomplishments. But this is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on everything you have produced, achieved and learnt about yourself. Even if your list of accomplishments is not necessarily work-related, it will help you gather your thoughts in preparation for an interview.

Sharpen your toolkit

With the New Year well and truly here, it is time to sharpen-up your toolkit and actively prepare for your job search by making a fresh start in 2021. If you are looking for career advice, why not talk to Suzie and the team at Majer. We can help you navigate 2021 with success

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