Interview With Madeleine Wade, Digital Specialist at QIC image

Interview With Madeleine Wade, Digital Specialist at QIC

Meet Madeleine Wade. She’s a Digital Specialist at QIC in Sydney. Madeleine started temping with Majer Recruitment after returning from her travels in Europe.

When the opportunity rang with QIC, she leapt for Sydney and hasn’t looked back since. We discuss the day in the life of Digital Specialist and what she’s learned along the way in her career path to get her to where she is now.

What’s an average day like at QIC Sydney? What exactly does your role as Digital Marketing Strategist entail?

Most of my team are based in Brisbane so I spend quite a lot of time on the phone or attending meetings via VC.

In my role, I am responsible for supporting the marketing objectives for each of our asset classes, the digital strategy and ensuing QIC’s digital platforms such as are updated regularly.

Can you describe the company culture of QIC? What do you look for in hiring new employees in Digital Marketing?

For an investment management company, we have a nice and relaxed office environment. We have a collaborative culture as we have 3 offices here in Australia and multiple overseas.

For me, I consider team fit for new hires and candidates who show an interest in educating themselves to further their development.

What is your favourite thing about what you do as a Digital Marketing Strategist?

I really enjoy that no two days are the same. I’m always being challenged to think outside the box and to learn something new because the digital world is always changing.

How did you decide when it was time to move onto a new opportunity— Like when you moved from Brisbane to Sydney?

I was doing a temporary work in Brisbane after returning from overseas. Majer rang me about this role in Sydney, and I always wanted to move away from Brisbane.

I remember being in the car and saying “yes, I’ll do it.” 2 days later, I had my first interview, 2 more interviews and 3 weeks after that I landed the job and moved.

I was lucky as it felt like everything was falling into place. Everything to me was pointing to this big opportunity, and it’s been amazing ever since!

Would you consider yourself a social media expert?

With LinkedIn, yes. I run our company profile and now have quite a bit of experience with it.

We don’t use other social media now but I have my own personal FB and Instagram accounts and try to keep across trends.

Aside from your work, what role does social media play in your own daily life? Do you see it as an important aspect of your own personal brand/social life?

I am not a huge user of social media in my personal life, but I think it’s a great way to keep track of my friends around the world and keep up to date with what friends are doing. It’s also helpful to find out what events are happening in Sydney.

I use LinkedIn to network with other people in our industry and keep up to date with digital and finance news.

Tell us about a mentor who has helped you along your career path.

QIC is amazing. I work with smart intelligent people and inspiring women who have offered me lots of advice and support in reaching my career goals.

When I first started at QIC, I didn’t know where I wanted to go in my career and so I stuck with an administrative role as it was something I’ve always known.

My boss at the time pushed me to explore other opportunities within my skill set and trusted me to complete some digital work which I had an interest in. Now, I get to do it every day and I love being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone.

What are the biggest misconceptions about digital marketing you’ve encountered?

People generally think that digital marketing is JUST social platforms, but it’s so much more than that.

It was a big change for QIC to adopt a LinkedIn company page but it’s been a tremendous platform for showcasing QIC and what we do. We promote our papers, staff, and general employer branding.

Digital marketing can be challenging but it’s a powerful tool for corporate companies.

What is your best productivity hack?

I have just been introduced to an app called focus keep which I use when I am really struggling with staying focused on one task (I can be a multi-tasker!). I also use my calendar and tasks in outlook to keep organised.

Favourite quote to live by?

If you’re going to do anything, make sure it’s epic! This doesn’t mean it has to be big but make decisions that impact your life in a great way.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

When you go into meetings, always be confident in what you’re saying, and be open to feedback. Feedback is not always negative—use it!

If you think it’s great, other people will see its value. If not, people are more willing to pick it apart.

Describe your leadership style?

I’m learning to let people know what the end result should look like. I’ll vocalise what’s needed but I’m trusting and will let people action tasks accordingly.

How did you get your first professional job after graduating from university?

I got my first professional job through a recruitment agency. I had moved to London and lucked out. I desperately needed something and started the next day at Western Union.

I looked after fraud complaints before they went to court. It taught me so much about being empathetic but also confident in my decisions and not to take people’s unhappy reactions to heart.

What would you say has been the most rewarding experience of your career thus far?

This last year at QIC because I have really stepped out of my comfort zone. I’ve achieved more milestones and projects that I thought I would. I have progressed professionally in the last 12 months than I have in the last five years.

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