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Five jobs you’ll be recruiting for in the future

Many of the jobs that high school graduates will be doing in 10 to 20 years from now probably don’t exist yet. So, the question on the lips of recruitment teams across the world is ‘what exactly will these jobs be?’.

It was recently comically plastered all over the internet that George Jetson was born on July 31, 2022. Yes, that George Jetson, the futuristic, bumbling cartoon dad from the 60s TV show that boasted flying cars, robot teachers and conveyor belts for footpaths. George was the 40-year-old father of the Jetson family, when the show was set in 2062. But it seems farfetched now, in 2022 – the year of his birth – that this kind of future is even remotely close. 

However, one thing that reins true is that work has always changed, progressed and adapted throughout the years. Few, if any, people make a living in the modern world in jobs like elevator operators, secretaries, telegraphists, lighthouse keepers or switchboard operators. But these used to be some of the most highly recruited jobs of the past. 

So, when we consider the futuristic world that has been predicted in the past, it’s only natural to embrace this when looking forward. We took to the internet to do a deep dive into what the jobs of the future might look like, and seemingly, many of these will spin off from technologies and lifestyles that are already emerging. Think flexible working, drones, autonomous vehicles, and cryptocurrencies. 

Here are the five most interesting jobs that we may be recruiting for in the not-so-distant future:

1 – Work from home facilitator

Likely one of the least futuristic and less farfetched jobs of the future is a work from home facilitator. Prior to 2020 and the pandemic, it’s estimated that under 5% of companies had remote work policies in place. Now, the post-pandemic expectation is that remote and flexible work remains the norm. Companies need to optimize the work-from-home experience, frequently learning lessons along the way as this still remains a new concept to many. 

2 – Augmented-reality journey builder

Starting with ideas developed in shows like Netflix’s Black Mirror and Upload, augmented reality (AR) journey builders of the future will allow humans to virtually experience almost anything they wish. AR journey builders are the IT professionals of the future, and will likely design, write, calibrate, build and personalise the next generation of alternative realities for (likely high-income) clients. So what kind of expertise will you need? Thinking film degrees, gaming experience and UX understanding. 

3 – Smart home design manager

One thing a lot of us have gotten used to over the past few years of the covid-19 virus is being at home, and having home as a safe haven. With this, there’s been a rise of smart technology inside the home, from the likes of Alexa and Google Home. This will only continue to rise as more people work flexibility and build dedicated offices within their homes. And so, in comes the job of smart home design managers, ready to fit out home offices with voice driven entrances, soundproofing, retrofitted routers and more. 

4 – Earthquake forecaster

Many things we’ve listed so far would have sounded completely out of this world a few years ago, but one thing that has been in the works for more than 50 years is a new role of ‘earthquake predictor’. In fact, scientists have been saying this job was just around the corner since the 1970s. According to the British Geological Survey, machine learning applied to seismology has accelerated to the point that governments and businesses might be hiring forecasters very soon. 

5 – Drone traffic controller

Despite the fact that drones have been informed by military research and in development for more than a century, the first use of drones for non-military and more commercial ventures started in 2006. Since then, drones have been used for a huge amount of purposes, including lifesaving, blockbuster filming and surveillance. In another decade or so, their commercial viability will increase even further, and in turn, the world is going to need people to oversee their flight paths so they don’t wreak complete havoc. And that’s where drone traffic controllers will come in.  

One guaranteed job of the future? Experienced recruiters to scout for the best possible talent to fill all of these roles. Majer Recruitment is here to support talent acquisition of all shapes and sizes. Contact us – we’d love to discuss the tools we have in place to help you adapt your recruitment process to the ever-changing corporate environment.

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