5 Things Suzie can’t live without on her desk image

5 Things Suzie can’t live without on her desk


Written by Suzie Majer

1. A glass of water

There is no end to the benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, let’s face it. I find it helps me maintain focus and definitely keeps me cool in the warmer months. It keeps my skin from looking any older too!

If I’m not properly hydrated, I feel like my body just isn’t working as well as it could be.  I know you’re meant to drink at least 8 glasses a day… sometimes I get to 5.30pm and try to drink my last 3 glasses consecutively.

2. My phone

I tend to be on this a lot! My phone is a great tool for productivity – I love being able to access my emails and our JobAdder database no matter where I am.

Plus, it’s nice to have a look at my screensaver shot of Henry when things are going haywire and I can’t pull myself away from my desk 😊

My go-to apps are Sonos, Tidal, my online banking app, the weather app (I need to know if it’s going to rain as can’t have frizzy hair at work!), the Insta app of course and the currency converter for online shopping…

3.Lip balm

Clarins lip balm is my go to! I don’t often wear lipstick – lipbalm is just quick and easy! I’m not big into makeup, period.  Didn’t they say the natural look was back??

Plus, in the mornings, trying to get myself ready, do homework with Henry, pack lunches and walk Arthur there’s not much time for anything else!

4. Medicated hand wash

I shake a lot of hands…

When you have an 9 year old son, a new dachshund and you’re out & about meeting people as often as I am, it’s important to stay on top of hygiene!  I make sure to always use a medicated hand wash and there may or may not be more than one bottle of hand sanitizer in my desk drawer.  I use the Dettol brand because it feels and smells so clean and it’s easy to grab at the supermarket!!

An honorable mention should go to one more thing I can’t leave the house without – Rosken Skin Repair.  OMG…. best hand cream ever!! Simple and cheap from the supermarket but oh so good. Over the years friends have given me Aesop hand creams & lots of other divine balms but nothing does the job like the trusty Rosken!

5. Snacks

I’m all about making sure I have a stash of snacks at Majer HQ in case I don’t have time to duck out for a break. The world of recruitment is so unpredictable – I like to make sure I’m prepared for anything and that I’m keeping my body fueled throughout the day.  I’m definitely a grazer…

My go-to snacks are a packet of raw nuts, a piece of fruit and a tin of tuna.  My new dog, Arthur, always has some treats on-hand as well, and Team Majer definitely has a secret stash of chocolate for the harder days… we buy them to give to our clients but more often than not… they never leave the building.

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