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talent testimonials

our lovely candidates can attest to our energetic, fun and supportive approach.  have a look at what these talents had to say about experiencing their job-search with team majer!


"have had such a great experience with majer from meeting them, starting the temp assignment and it turning into a permanent role a few weeks later. I couldn’t be happier. the flowers I received on my first day were such a nice touch. can’t recommend them enough!”

- jody noonan


Senex Energy

“I dealt with majer and in 2 days they interviewed me, lined up 2 interviews and I had a permanent role a week later! their service was so professional, friendly and efficient. they continue to follow up and have your best interests at heart to make sure you’re happy and the opportunity is right for you.”

-tina reardon


"majer has great people insight, she has the ability to know who is the right person for the job."

- davyd williams


"the team at majer went above and beyond in every facet of the recruitment process. the majer crew were efficient, friendly, professional and made me feel more like a friend than a client. within 18 hours of contacting majer, i was employed and ready to begin my next chapter. i can't begin to express my gratitude for their help and ongoing support and i couldn't recommend them more highly!"

- alex spender


"i enjoy working closely with majer - they listen to me and have my best interests at heart. suzie has placed me in two great roles now and the agency works as my advocate, negotiating on my behalf and ensuring that both my employer and myself are happy and satisfied at work. i recommend majer to all job seekers simply because they're honest and straightforward, they know their stuff and have great industry contacts."

- jodee hutt


"kathryn and team majer have been dedicated to finding me work since the moment i signed. their contact levels and positive outlook have been great, and their support is so appreciated. i wouldn't bother with any other agency in brisbane!"

- leah barlow


"the team at majer, especially suzie and kelly, are like family to me. whenever i've been out of work, they are just a phone call away. they are honest and upfront and have never put me forward for a role that wouldn't be ideally suited for me. they've placed me in two great roles over the last few years and i'm eternally grateful."

- wendy konstas


"if you're looking for an enjoyable recruitment process (sounds crazy, but it's possible), suzie and her team are the people to do it. she's dedicated to keeping you informed, and will always have your best interests in mind.  i would highly recommend working with suzie and her team."

- sarah coffey


"the majer recruitment team helped me land my first human resources (my field of education) temp assignment after relocating interstate. this role has since become a permanent position for me, so i highly recommend majer to anybody seeking to gain experience in their desired field. they even came to visit me for coffee post placement to congratulate me on securing the role. it just goes to show how having the right connections can lead to positive employment outcomes, so thank you suzie and the recruitment team!"

- zachary zasada

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“team majer have been dedicated to finding me work since the moment i signed. their contact levels and positive outlook have been great, and their support is so appreciated. i wouldn’t bother with any other agency in brisbane!”

- leah barlow