7 australian recruitment statistics that will change the way you hire

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It takes an average of 68 days to fill in a vacant position

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The hiring time has nearly doubled since 2010. It’s an employee’s market out there meaning the best talent get snapped up by competitors quickly. This increased time to fill a position could mean a decrease in productivity for the team and decrease in revenue.

Operations, sales, and IT are the highest priority roles to fill

According to LinkedIn, Operations is the number one priority role most companies are looking to fill. This means that recruiting teams in Australia have to start thinking more strategically about how to find and recruit these talent pools.

Some insiders suggest an average of 50-60 applicants per job

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This number depends on the industry, but these figures are relatively stable and easy to find out pertaining to the role you’re looking to fill. Are your applicant numbers looking a little off for your job posting? You may need to rework your hiring strategy or employment branding.

If money weren’t a constraint, 57% of Australian talent leaders would invest in employment branding tools

Do not underestimate the importance of your employment branding strategy. It’s a long-term strategy that involves the candidate experience, marketing strategies, and upskilling current team members to build a great reputation that will improve the overall hiring and retention rate of your company.

Three-quarters of the Australian workforce are open to being approached by recruiters

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Most of the Australian workforce is open to new work opportunities. 79% of Australian professionals have up-to-date CVs and 63% have current LinkedIn profiles. This has been troublesome for employer’s retention rates. In order to attract talent and keep them, employers are considering more incentives to keep employers engaged, appreciated and challenged in their current roles.  

Work-life balance is the number one thing Australian professionals look for in a new role

Professionals are prioritising a work-life balance over a higher pay rate. Hiring managers need to uncover that what work-life balance means to each candidate because everyone's lifestyles are different. While the media might have us believe women hold a higher value for work-life balance, the data shows that work-life balance is a key component for both men and women equally.

The average cost per hire is around $5000

According to the Kelly Services Recruitment, the average cost of hiring a graduate, production, trades, customer services or administration employee was under $5000. Included in these direct costs of hiring is the time lost to fill the position, training, and lost promotional potential.